House of Suntory

The Art Of Japanese Hospitality

Strategy & Concept, Event & Fairs

At this year’s BCB, we had the privilege of crafting the bar show experience once again for Beam Suntory, presenting a thoughtfully curated brand experience for the House of Suntory Portfolio.

In honor of its 100th anniversary, we created a special showcase of Japanese Craftsmanship covering the Arts of Sushi, Tea and Ikebana and an exclusive masterclass with mentor Masahiro Urushido, owner of the renowned bar Katana Kitten in New York, hosted in our very own House of Suntory Dojo as part of the booth.

It wasn’t just a celebration of The House of Suntory’s legacy; it was a deep exploration of the Art of Japanese hospitality, paving the way for the upcoming global advocacy program, „The House of Suntory Dojo,“ that is about to be launched in 2024.

So, stay tuned for more updates.

©Fotos: Katja Hiendlmayer
©Video: Dominik Berberich