Welcome to the Meisterkiez

Strategy & Concept, Event & Fairs

Shops, bars, restaurants, or even just a humble park bench for a quick chat with friends. One’s own neighborhood is the place where the most unforgettable nights begin, a space for gathering and exchange.

This sense of community was at the heart of this year’s trade show experience for our client Jägermeister.

The “Meisterkiez” created a comprehensive and authentic brand experience with immense attention to detail. Serving as the focal point of the experience, our trade show booth provided a relaxed atmosphere and served as a multifaceted, magnetic meeting point. This unique connection between the brand and the audience was further deepened by a successful after-show party in the evening. 

We take pride in having crafted an experience that not only represents the Jägermeister brand but also embodies the vibrant heart of every neighborhood which became visible and evident in the many shared moments of our guests bonding over an ice cold shot of Jägermeister.


©Fotos: Katja Hiendlmayer
©Video: Dominik Berberich