Meister Academy – Globale E-Learning Plattform

Strategy & Concept, Communication, Digital, Identity & Design

Getting 1,000 employees in 145 countries on the same page is no mean feat. With its focus on unified brand communications, personnel development, and global leadership, the “Meister Academy” training platform does just that. Developed together with our client Jägermeister, it puts employees center stage, regardless of their location or position.

While standardized contents and processes ensure consistency across the globe, the engaging, efficient, and ultimately interactive learning journey keeps participants engaged and encourages them to broaden their skillset.

Additional gamification aspects like experience points, leaderboards, challenges, and future content unlocks further boost attention and engagement.  

By letting each person choose when, where, and how to learn, this flexible, location-independent approach ensures high motivation and retention. Which, in turn, benefits our clients by improving performance – and the bottom line.