From Proof & Sons to sbstnz

Everything that will be possible

According to an ancient Greek wisdom, „nothing is as constant as change“. When we decided to start our own on-trade marketing agency in 2012, after many years at Bacardi and Jägermeister, we were brimming with boundless passion, countless ideas, and bold visions for reshaping “the business“. We wanted to prove that things could be different … and better. That’s something we still care about today – and maybe even a little bit more.

Throughout this journey, two things have been our constant companions: driving curiosity and a passion for pushing boundaries. At the same time, the world around us continued to change, sometimes at a dizzying speed. So, we’ve kept evolving our agency to hit just the right balance and sweet spot between growing client demands and increasing global market complexity.

Unlike traditional top-down agencies, we’ve embraced agility and flexibility from day one. In other words: speed, efficiency, and engagement are no business buzzwords for us, but an integral part of our DNA, coupled with effective knowledge management and a proactive mindset. This helps us take a broader, holistic view of our clients and tasks and lets us react swiftly to emerging needs.

Our highly efficient network of specialized partner agencies easily trumps rigid inhouse teams, supplemented by just the right skills, expertise, and capabilities from dynamic teams based in Berlin and beyond. 

So why sbstnz I hear you asking? It is the foundation of everything. It lends things shape, makes them unique and connects everything that exists – and everything that will be possible. It’s focussing on the essentials & the important elements –  to change things for the better for you – our clients.​